Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Some observations of the debacle

Some observations of the debacle

1) No doubt about it. The Democrats have a mandate, being defined as anything above 50% of the vote.

2) Sarah Palin will fade into the background, she is a candidate that excites the conservative base and for this reason they will try to neuter and discredit her before the four years are up.

3) Conservatives as always invested themselves heavily into the GOP. They forgot that conservatism is a political movement, NOT a political party and thus they acted accordingly by investing too much in a flawed candidate.

4) No matter how much McCain tried he still could not get detached from Bush. The vote was as much a vote against Bush as it was a vote for Obama.

5) Our side was very ineffective at using the Internet we were outmaneuvered and out blogged by the other side.

6) The democrats had a very effective ground game and began consolidating their base far earlier than our side. The GOP did a dismal job of grass roots campaigning.

7) The election was a vindication of Josef Goebbels. If you control all avenues of communications and propaganda you control the outcome of the political game. Our side had only FOX and talk radio. Fine it reached the base, but was not outside it. The MSM may have lost the gambit temporarily but they are still in control of what people see. What the right must understand is that to control the media it must be invested in the main networks.

8) The PUMAS proved that there are some democrats that have finally figured out the democratic party has been hijacked by doctrinaire socialists. However, their support for McCain was marginal at best and proved in the end futile when contrasted the MSM propaganda onslaught for Obama.

9) This is the result when you have the RNC choose the candidate and allow crossover voting to interject into the primary process. The attempt to attract moderate democrats and undecideds to our cause proved an absolutely total failure. In the end Democrats always vote for the real thing rather than someone in the middle as McCain.

10) The conservative base must take back the GOP and purge all those who are not in with the program.We must ignore the RNC and start working locally to start building the base via county leaders and local clubs.

11) Grass roots organizing and proselytizing is sorely lacking on our side. The left has been more adept ant propaganda and agitation. Better know as agitprop. The result is fewer people were converted to our side. Little effort is made by our side to recruit. We need to simplify our arguments into slogans and cliches just as the left does.

12) The first 100 days will be rife with attempts to shut down the opposition. We have handed power to doctrinaire Marxists and they don't do democracy. Hate laws will be passed to shut down any speech and opinion on the internet and make anything remotely conservative a prosecutable offense. In addition the fairness doctrine will be used to shut down talk radio or any type of discourse questioning those in power. Look for more incumbency protection acts to be passed insuring a permanence of power for the left. Look for groups like ACORN to gear up for the next elections and shore up to guarantee they win the next round no matter who actually wins or votes.

13) Immigration amnesty is on the table the first 100 days. If that is passed and the illegals are legalized look for chain migration due to the 1964 act to multiply the hispanic base by a factor of 19 thus turning the country into a hispanic majority and a Latin American country within 20 years. Because of the even more radical nature of this new voting block the country will veer to even much farther left than even Obama is. The irony is that blacks will become an insignificant minority and Obama may very well be the first and only black president.

14) Look for the economy to head south. You will hear a great sucking sound and that will be money and wealth being transfered by the rich to out of the country in order to protect it. The result will mean less capital investment a contracting economy and possibly a severe recession or quite possibly a depression.


A) We need to begin organizing and focus on the grass roots. We must purge the RINOS that were the cause of this debacle.

B) We need to be savvy about using the internet and other venues of alternative communications to organize.

C) In anticipation of the new hispanic majority looming on the horizon we need to start recruiting and preparing the groundwork especially on issues where there is common ground, abortion, family values, opportunity etc. We need the hispanic versions of Rush Limbaughs and Bill Buckleys.

D) We need to realize that the next battle begins today, right now. We cannot rest for a minute. The other side does not. To give up in despair is to surrender. History will judge us badly if we do. Always remember that the worst day of your life is ALWAYS followed by a better one.

E) Immigration amnesty will be the next battle in which we will have to fight tooth and nail. We have three or four months to start preparing and organizing. It is also a battle in which we have allies amongst independents, democrats and PUMAS. If amnesty passes then the battle will really be lost America as we know it with our values will dissappear forever.

F) The Court appointments will be critical, these will occur in the senate. It's time to begin immediately flooding the RINOS|and GOP senators with emails and faxes even as we speak that we will hold them to task if they do not filibuster each and every court appointment of the other side, just as they did to us. There can be no honeymoon and they must understand that NOW. They need to get the heads up that the base did not go to sleep and is not going to goto sleep.

G) We need to find alternative funding sources that will allow us the ability to produce proselytizing materials which we can use to build up the activist base. Become involved locally. We need to identify marginal districts where we lost by a narrow margin. We can't complain and say our base did not show up. The other side did a better job of turning out theirs simply because of better organization and on the ground structure.

H) We need to flood encouragement to those lonely republican conservatives as they are about to be targeted for destruction by the left, especially Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin.

I) We need to be conversant not just with Saul Alinsky but also with Lenin and Antonio Gramsci to understand the other sides tactics and why we have arrived at this point. Understand that the left has been infiltrating and taking over our institutions for the past century and we have stood by and allowed it to happen. As always it is never too late to fight back.

J) When a team looses badly on the field it's time to fire the coaches the managers and the strategists. We got our clocks cleaned because we allowed ourselves to be led rather than leading to get the kind of leaders we needed. It's time to end the practice of the top presenting us with candidates, we must start promoting them from the bottom up.

K) We have work to do, so stop sulking. We are not victims, we fight back. Those that do not end up learning the hard way. Politics is serious business and giving immature children matches leads to loss of life. We must prevent this country from lurching into tyranny. This battle is not over, not by a long shot. They won this round and they deserved to, we did a lousy job on our side because we did not understand our weaknesses and took things for granted. We cannot repeat those mistakes.

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