Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Harbinger of things to come

On another blog we get a view of what socialized medicine looks like once it is implemented. But that is only partial. Helath care has little to do with healthcare in as much as it is really a way for the state to control it's citizens and fleece them of money.

Healthcare Bill marks the first stage of the coming tyranny

I manage campaigns for candidates I agree with, (right to life, conservative party etc.). I am a political scientist by training and web designer when not engaged in a fight. I am quite familiar with the political game and I know what is going on. In my college years both undergraduate and graduate level I was for some time a committed Marxist of the Stalinist variant. I devoured everything from Marx to Kautsky, Lenin, Gramsci, Guevara, Mao et al. I have a good insight to what the left does and their tactics.

Conservatives have unfortunately been checkmated by the left and are clueless to that fact. Yes there may be elections in 2010 but I suspect that ACORN will see to it they are closer than we think. Even if they lose both houses in 2010 it will only be temporary. Obama still has the veto pen and any attempt to roll back the changes will be futile. They have the votes in the senate through reconciliation, 51 is all they need to pass stuff. By 2012 they will redistrict republicans out of existence due to the fact they control the census and will count people who don't exist in current democratic strongholds. That will allow them to create congressional districts that are democratic out of thin air through the reapportionment that comes due with the 2010 census. It will also change the apportionment in the electoral college throwing electoral votes to states like New York and California insuring perpetual elections to the presidency. The left never sleeps and could care less that polls show the majority of people are against them. The facade of democracy will be maintained but the power will be theirs.

Our side will do nothing to stop them because republicans in Washington would rather have their cushy titles, golf games and limos and be the ineffectual opposition they always have been. The paradigm has changed and they are clueless to that fact. I have lived under dictatorships, my father brought me here to get away from all that. My last memories of my native country were armored cars and armed men in my house, my mother and I under house arrest in a vain attempt to capture my father. Speak to political refugees from Latin America, Eastern Europe and all will tell you the same thing. They have seen all this before. But alas we are ignored as if we are paranoid fools.

The crying shame is that we are about to become what most Americans despise and fear but will likely wake up when it's too late. I am pessimistic because revolutions are very rare things in history and even more rare is success. It will take a generation or two if the flame of liberty still lives to roll this back. Altruism is fine if you fight your enemy on some foreign land but altruism disappears when you have family to take care of and other people to take into consideration. Too many blowhards talk about revolting etc.. It doesn't work that way, the left is ignoring us just as we ignored them during the Vietnam era. The left currently controls every major institution in the country.

They have infiltrated and taken the reins of every university, foundation, professional organization, the bureaucracies in Washington including the CIA and Department of defense. They control the media save one network and the internet and are on the way to neuter that also. Does anyone think they left the GOP, the military and police out of that equation? Not likely. The only thing left is a Reichstag fire type incident and then a decapitation strike against conservative leadership. But it will likely be of the soft type, IRS harassment, prosecution on trumped up charges, they only need to make an example of a few and the rest will fold. many on the right have decided to believe in the myth that the conservative opposition will oppose this and succeed. That may have been true fifty years ago, but not in the America of today. Just keep your head in the sand, we're playing checkers and the left is playing chess.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Health Care Fees and Hidden Taxes

Everyone I know who knows a thing or two knows that corporate taxes are paid not by corporations (they can only be paid by individuals) but are passed on to the consumer as the end price of the product or service. The result is an illusion created whereby the common citizen believes he is not paying any taxes. These hidden taxes through the backdoor allow politicians to claim that they are not raising taxes. This is the same as a pickpocket shaking your hand and throwing praises upon you while an accomplice picks your pocket. This is why the following article on Fees and the current healthcare bill in congress is worth reading.