Thursday, April 19, 2018

After five years, time to come back.

It has been five years since I last posted in this blog. Other obligations work and so forth prevented me from having the time to post. However, it is perhaps time to get back to the business of looking at things from a different perspective and to perhaps have my readers look at things from a rather different perspective. A lot has happened in the las five years. We have survived the presidency of Obama. As I write this Donald Trump has been president for a little over a year. Nobody, least of all I could have predicted that he would have been elected. I met Donald Trump once in my youth. I must have been perhaps 16 and my father at the time worked for his father at Trump Village. My impression at the time was that he was a stuck up snotty kid. But as is often in life first impressions can be wrong. The only other president I ever met was George H. Bush when the Republican convention was in New York. The world is indeed small. 

I hope that in the coming days and weeks I will be able to give my opinions about the world as I have come to look at it as an immigrant and an American for the last fifty plus years. Because of my unique background I have a perspective that is not commonly available to either both Americans or other immigrants. I hope that through this advantage I may have something to contribute to the discourse provided people are open minded. 

The problem as I see it in our current atmosphere is that our social environment is ready for diversity with one exception. The diversity of ideas and point of views. I sense in the society around me that the only intolerance left that is promoted is the diversity of ideas. We have become so politically correct that those who have a perspective outside of that narrative are either ignored or exorcised by the ruling apparatus and forces. 

I think it it’s going to be a fun ride, at least I hope . If not, then it will certainly be interesting times. I hope that you join us for this interesting ride. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Matter Of Statistics?

This is today's cover of the New York Times. The men standing above the seven prisoners who are captured Syrian soldiers are "rebels" in an instant they are about to execute the Syrian soldiers. These are the men that Obama wants to help. These are the men we are arming. Where I live there is a large Syrian community and most of them are Christians. To a man those I have spoken with Support Assad. The reason is simple. Like the Alawites who are shiite they are small outnumbered minority. The moderate Muslims (yes there are some) support Assad. Under the Assads the Christians were not persecuted or slaughtered. They know that if they lose there will be a mass genocide. Does anyone expect them to surrender to men who will take no prisoners nor show any mercy? Obama's hands already have the blood of those seven unlucky Syrian soldiers murdered in cold blood. And we are going there to help the murderers? Why because the excuse is "we must do something"? Look at that picture. If those were Nazis about to execute Jews would we be going there to help them? How can we in good conscience involve ourselves. Who will take responsibility for the genocide that will surely follow? Obama and his advisers already have blood on their hands as do the idiots in the previous administration who went on a "nation building" rampage. They should all stand trial for "war crimes" Not just the men in the photo. But the enablers of this and past administrations who supplied the weapons for this outrage. How dare we brag to the world that we are a democratic republic with values of liberty, tolerance and opportunity? We the people need to take our government back. Put an end to a nation run by lawyers, academics and faceless bureaucrats who give weight to Stalin's oft quoted dictum "One death is a tragedy, 50,000 is a statistic.". Look at the photo, there are seven statistics there. SAY NO TO GETTING INVOLVED IN SYRIA!! HELL NO!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day A New Beginning

July Fourth is as good a day as any to re launch my blog. A great many things have happened to our society since the ascent of Obama to power. This blog is about thinking outside the box. For too many people cognitive dissonance is the main mode of ideological existence. Political agendas have infected practically every sphere of our existence. The emotional investment that people have made into their world view makes it impossible or rather difficult to be able to think of the possibility that they may be wrong or that there is a different way of looking at things. The result is that we are easily manipulated the institutions that wield power in our society.

If you are reading this blog then you may find it unsettling to read as it requires you to step out of the cocoon that you have over a lifetime built in your mind through your emotions. Your world view is based on the model that society through conventional wisdom has imposed on you. It is a natural tendency for us to surround ourselves with people that reinforce our views. This becomes a straightjacket as it closes our minds to the possibility that there may be things that people with different belief systems or world views due to their different perspectives end experiences may actually have gotten right. The moment of enlightenment when some one realizes an angle or perspective on a subject due to the acquisition of new information or different perspective has been dubbed by the Greeks as Eureka.

So sit back and visit often. Our mission here is to explore things outside that straight jacket of conventional wisdom of our peers or the popular wisdom of the masses and our leaders. We don't expect everyone to agree with us but we do expect them to think. Our mission is to question everything we are told or are manipulated to think by our societal propaganda machine.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 beginning or end?

2012 will be a significant year for various reasons. Regardless the
Mayan predictions of the end of the world the re-election of Obama may
portend the end as we know it not just for this country but for our
civilization as well. We will therefore endeavor this year to be a bit
more prolific in our posting and in chronicling the end as we know it.

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