Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Matter Of Statistics?

This is today's cover of the New York Times. The men standing above the seven prisoners who are captured Syrian soldiers are "rebels" in an instant they are about to execute the Syrian soldiers. These are the men that Obama wants to help. These are the men we are arming. Where I live there is a large Syrian community and most of them are Christians. To a man those I have spoken with Support Assad. The reason is simple. Like the Alawites who are shiite they are small outnumbered minority. The moderate Muslims (yes there are some) support Assad. Under the Assads the Christians were not persecuted or slaughtered. They know that if they lose there will be a mass genocide. Does anyone expect them to surrender to men who will take no prisoners nor show any mercy? Obama's hands already have the blood of those seven unlucky Syrian soldiers murdered in cold blood. And we are going there to help the murderers? Why because the excuse is "we must do something"? Look at that picture. If those were Nazis about to execute Jews would we be going there to help them? How can we in good conscience involve ourselves. Who will take responsibility for the genocide that will surely follow? Obama and his advisers already have blood on their hands as do the idiots in the previous administration who went on a "nation building" rampage. They should all stand trial for "war crimes" Not just the men in the photo. But the enablers of this and past administrations who supplied the weapons for this outrage. How dare we brag to the world that we are a democratic republic with values of liberty, tolerance and opportunity? We the people need to take our government back. Put an end to a nation run by lawyers, academics and faceless bureaucrats who give weight to Stalin's oft quoted dictum "One death is a tragedy, 50,000 is a statistic.". Look at the photo, there are seven statistics there. SAY NO TO GETTING INVOLVED IN SYRIA!! HELL NO!!

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