Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Starting at the beginning

January first is as god a day as any to start a blog. Perhaps it is even better as it allows one to start afressh with bright hopes for the coming year. Being an election year as well may have
something to do with it.

This blog is not about business as usual. It will reflect my own personal belief that we need a new model of politics. A paradigm to be more precisely. Most politics today is still mired in the dichotomy of left and right. A residue of the cold war and of a time when things where much simpler and utipias reared their ugly heads all around. The real model that we should be considering instead, is the one that pits the individualists and seekers of liberty against the collectivists and the petty dictators of comformity. One can tell that with political correctness and pressures towards conforming to the vision of the far left radicals that have wormed their way into government that the pendulum is swinging dangerously in their direction.

This blog will seek to enlighten, inform and educate. I hope that most people will walk away believing in the individual and the free spirit and that no matter what party you belong to, whether it be republican, democrat or you fancy yourself an independent that you will walk away with an urgency that as individuals we must put up a fight and stop collectivism before it's too late.

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