Thursday, September 17, 2009

Appeasement Has Made a Comeback

The announcement that President Obama has caved in to Soviet demands to scrap the missile defense plans in Europe serves not just to appease the Russians but also clears the way for the Iranians to have a clear shot at European cities once they have their own nukes. This is the convenience of seeing everything having to do with defense as an expense and waste of money that could be better suited to other purposes such as spending money on programs that actually can buy and bribe the voters.

The problem with all of this is that we have gone down this road again. Appeasement was a big thing in the 1930's among western governments that were just starting to feel their oats on the road towards welfare statism. The result of course we all know was a world in which rogue states took advantage of such utopian idiocy and the world descended into a disaster.

Unfortunately the president of the United States has great leeway in foreign policy and the latest decision is just another piece of evidence of the sheer idiocy, ignorance of history and stupidity of our current messiah in chief. He can probably walk on water when it rains, but he is stumbling on the international scene. The question is, How long will this last? He still has more than three years left in his term and the issue is whether the world survives him or not. Good old Winston Churchill must be rolling in his grave..

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