Saturday, September 12, 2009

The March on Washington 9-12-09

I would have been in Washington today. A last minute change in my plans did not allow me to take that 7:00 am bus to DC this morning. I have no access to television at the moment but see some of the pictures being posted on the Internet. One thing that I see in common in most of the signs is that they are not the fare of some highly organized protest with mass printed signs by unions or some left wing non-profits who like to squander the money of their contributors. No, what I see all over the place are home made signs. Some of the signs are neat as if the maker took great care to make the letters even and uniform. Other signs are haphazard, probably made at the least minute as if the maker decided at the last moment to make his way to Washington. No today is the beginning of something quite different. I expect that some of the spineless leaders at the GOP will try to hijack the movement and claim some form of leadership. How little do they know that they have lost direction. It is not they who are in charge, no, those days are coming to an end. Oh, I suppose at some point some leader will arise, but even that person will have to learn that in order to lead he will have to follow.

No what occurred in Washington today is something that only Trotsky used to dream of, it's the spontaneous rising of the populace. It isn't the leaders who have consciousness of their interests as Lenin used to think. No, instead it's what Jefferson, Hamilton and Madison knew all along. That leaving the people to their own devices they and only they will know where their interests lie. I doubt Obama and his cohorts hiding in the basement of the White House even have a clue. In their arrogance they will be in self denial just as King named George once was. Kudos to the people who took time out of their responsibilities to show up. They probably had to close their businesses, postpone some important affair. They took the time to put aside the day and traveled down to DC to show their servants, our congress and president who really is in charge. Will they listen, I doubt it. They have for too long detached themselves from reality. But it's a beginning. Time to get the snowball rolling downhill.

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Hilda said...

Yes! Kudos and salutes and thanks to all who went to DC in behalf of us who are too old, too young, too poor, too sick, have too many young children or other responsibilities, to have made the trip.

Thank you!!!!!