Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fashionista Comunista

A day after the great march in Washington my neighborhood held it's annual festival along part of 5th Avenue in Brooklyn. In many of the stands selling T-shirts one could find the image of that icon of the left Che Guevara. Oblivious to the fact the man was a murderer most of the Latinos of my nabe seemed to take it all in stride. The T-shirts have become fashionable attire, but what really perplexed me was seeing that image next to other T-shirts laden with the image of Christ and the Virgin of Guadalupe all in the same stand next to each other as if they belonged there. That is part of the problem with our society. Would we have been so oblivious had we seen T-shirts with Hitler's image on them? Yet the images of People like Che, Mao, Ho and other leftist icons, mass murderers all, seem to be acceptable and fashionable these days without even blinking an eye. Is it our lack of education? Our lack of decorum? What has happened to our society that our tolerance level is such that we find this normal? I am almost sure as I can be that had a stand appeared there selling T-shirts with Hitler's image the person selling them would have been driven out on a rail. We definitely need to do more educating out there. The process has to start with taking back our schools from teachers who idolize these leftist icons and impart that to their charges and start putting these people where they belong, on the dung heap of history joining Hitler and all the other murderous dregs of history. Ads long as we are tolerant of idiots wearing these shirts communism becomes a mere fashion statement rather than the repulsive ideology it is..

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